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Essequattro Headquarters

Essequattro, located in the province of Vicenza, operates all over the world: Italy has two modern offices specialising in wood and metal working. The company can provide qualified support and assistance thanks to its technical and sales office with over 50 employees.
Essequattro has expanded and grown thanks to the presence of a worldwide network of fitters and installers, all coordinated by headquarters, and are a consistent point of reference for any type of operation or construction.

Essequattro Trading Shanghai Co. Ltd

In 2009 a new office was opened in Shanghai to support its customers operating in Asian markets. This office benefits from traditional Essequattro know-how with more than 30 years of experience. The management team was created by a synergy between Italian and Chinese resources, equipped as well with solid and proven experience. The technical department has acquired a number of Italian-Chinese projects for the portfolio of Essequattro clients, consistently working to develop their skills and consolidate its structure.

Essequattro Dragon Asia Trading co. Limited


Further support to customers operating in Asian markets is ensured by the presence of a supportive commercial base in Hong Kong.