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Production of doors, windows and curtain walls

For Essequattro the creation of each door and window deserves the same attention and evaluation that is given to the creation of a piece of furniture. The technical, structural and aesthetic characteristics of the building will inevitably be reflected in the choices of design and construction elements that make up the outer skin.
That's why Essequattro fixtures, both in aluminium and other metals, are made to measure: to fit smoothly into the housing for which they are designed and to fully meet the needs of the client.


In the construction of curtain walls, Essequattro stands out for its custom-made approach and attention to both technical and stylistic qualities of the products. Each element is planned in detail, using solutions with mullions and transoms with external covers or structural bonding solutions with lined panels that give more value to the aesthetics of the enclosure.
To emphasise this vocation for excellence, Essequattro has partnered with Schüco, a leading international provider of futuristic building enclosures. By partnering with them as well as others high quality providers, Essequattro and the customer can achieve anything, all characterised by high quality and versatility.