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Barbara Bui

Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles

For the conception and design of her boutique, which opened in one of the most exclusive shopping streets in the world, the French fashion house entrusted the Corbetta architect studio. The result is characterised by simple lines, refined colours and sophisticated materials in an elegant setting where harmony and contrast beautifully coexist. Every detail was carefully studied, leaving nothing to chance almost as if it were a tailored dress.




The seating spaces also become display space for garments and accessories, with imposing banquettes of considerable dimensions made of recycled materials, breaking up the lightness of the interior. A platform on which mannequins are placed reminds one of the catwalk at a fashion show and increases customer engagement. The concrete floor creates a visual and tactile continuity with the pavement outside. In the main entrance, the staircase that connects the two floors is camouflaged by a covering of stainless steel plates in polished chrome, creating a mirrored perception. Finally, the chromatic contrast between white and black, the glossy material and furniture made from grainy wood emphasises the exhibition space and the preciousness of the displays.


The project was undertaken by Essequattro as General Contractor, which provided for the realization of plasterboard fixtures, lighting and air conditioning.

The long, narrow shape of the location made the design process particularly challenging: a classic pattern of exposure on the perimeter was passed over in favour of a midline focus. The central focus became a characteristic element of the space: positioning the seven floor-to- ceiling black crystal dividers to create rooms within rooms without compromising the visual continuity of the environment.