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Via Manzoni, Milano

The first flagship store in Milan from Dirk Bikkembergs. In a space of 1,300 square meters the entire world of the Belgian designer comes to life, combining sport and luxury in a sophisticated but gritty mix.

Bikkembergs style - which allows you to create your own personal look by mixing active and casual wear with luxurious accessories and details - is reflected in the design philosophy that permeates throughout the store. Clean and classic materials such as white Carrara marble, black marble, walnut wood and crystal are combined with pop iconography such as the prints of the Gazetta Dello Sport used as floor covering and washbasins in the shape of the
Champions League trophy.

The store is surrounded by 15 windows, each 7 meters tall, custom designed and made to measure.
From the outside you can see the grass green velvet curtains for which more than 1000 square meters of velvet was utilised.

All of the furniture choices combine to emphasise the special bond that links the designer to the world of football, starting with the green velvet curtains for which they have used more than 1000 square meters of velvet. And in the bathroom, custom made washbasins in the shape of the Champions League trophy and taps shaped as referees’ whistles. In the couture area: a glass floored garage where a sports car, the icon of a footballer, is parked. And
upstairs: a gym with exercise equipment.

A major project built over three levels, each with dedicated design.
The white area is characterized by a floor in white Carrara marble with recessed writing in deep black marble. The milled to design walls are painted matte white, with displays in glass and steel.
The couture area, on the ground floor, has travertine flooring and wall covering. The furniture is made of walnut coloured wood, apart from a large glass cabinet containing a number of major sports trophies.
The upper floor offers a loft-style decor: the bathroom floor and ceiling are covered with prints of the Gazzetta Dello Sport inserted into crystal-clear glass; the floors are black Marquinia marble. Notes of superb quality can be seen in the upper-floor ceiling, made of wood and completed with cornicing.