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Designer’s Studio Vicenza


50s building transformed into a designer’s studio.
This project was developed in stages around an existing structure, following the constructive principle of the "balloon frame" in which each added piece comes in contact with the original core, paying particular attention to the connection points with the existing structure.
The main physical connection between the new and old takes the form of a cylindrical shell containing the spiral staircase in oxidised metal.
All three levels of the building were designed with a view to the landscape in mind. On the top floor, the designer’s workspace overlooks the garden therefore creating a continuum between internal and external.

The choice of materials was made with great care, giving priority to those which are expressively aesthetic and tactilely communicative. For areas where a corrosion resistance was required, stainless steel was used, while for structures and interior space finishings rusty iron was the chosen option.
The larch wood coverings were treated differently depending on location: planed inside, burned and brushed in areas where steam from the sauna and shower permeates and left to be cut by an external saw.
The structural framework is constructed of metal and buffered with bricks. This suspended structure is supported by four reinforced concrete bases that emerge from the pool of water, fed by an existing artesian well. Sprinklers, placed in the soffits of the structure, allow water to fall into the pool below, masking the traffic noise.

Sliding glass doors