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Henry Cotton's

Corso Venezia, Milano

A monobrand store with strong personality that distinctly draws upon the positioning of the Best of British by Henry Cotton's. Designed by Anouska Hempel design studio in London, the store is 400 square meters spread over three levels and connected by an impressive circular staircase in which the elevator shaft is encased, also in circular glass.
The custom furniture made by Essequattro is accompanied by vintage accessories like leather travel trunks and boxes decorated with polished metal that act as displays.

The choice of materials is consistent with the desire to emphasise the distinctive British style which characterises the brand. These range from choice leathers to English style fabrics, from antique woods used for flooring to traditional English accessories. Among these accessories a pair of oars is featured, specially designed and built following the mandates laid out by the expertise of the Italian regatta.
The atrium is dominated by an unusual lift in the shape of a hot air balloon, where well-dressed mannequins reproduce scenes of daily life. Completing the scenario in Henry Cotton's perfect style for ladies and gentlemen is an antique piano, a Deco dressing tables and decorative vignettes.

Masonry, plasterboard, lighting and air conditioning systems and metal structures form the basis of anchoring all the furnishings.
The store, over 3 floors, also holds a particularly impressive structure in the stairs which contain the elevator shaft.

Every detail has been designed to express Henry Cotton's brand personality, which owes its name and its stylistic reference to the eponymous golfer from Cheshire.
The setting is not lacking in important details such as hockey sticks, bags and boxing gloves, cricket bats and oars hanging on the walls, restoring the atmosphere of the exclusive clubs in Oxford and Cambridge. This mood is made more vivid by the use of warm and natural materials, such as aged oak, clay bricks, teak, slate and stone.